I'm Iki, (same sound as icky, I know, it's weird enough for people to have names like Apple), I was born in Macau. And now a final year single creative from the University of Lincoln in the U.K. 

For me, the most important thing I do in my work is to try and challenge the norm and changing for the better. 

Personal Experience

2019 - now // Student Graphic Designer

at The University of Lincoln Sports centre

2019 - now // Treasurer

at Creative Advertising Society at the University of Lincoln

2019 Jul - 2019 Aug // Designer Intern

at Conde Group Macau

2018 // Commended for 

YCN Students Award

More about me

I love travelling, one of the reasons why I came a long way here to study 

I play the guitar and sing!
Most of the time, I eat Ice Cream.