TOTM is all about self-love, treating you and the earth kinder.

Vaginas are unique to every women, but most women don't know that.

Vagina is Unique: Let's celebrate Vagina by drawing them.



The first part of the campaign: Toilet wall design, it will be placed in universities where they are already providing free TOTM tampons to their students. It is also a safe place where girls feel more at ease to talk about their vaginas..

Toilet whole.jpg
Toilet message.jpg

magazine ad

Artboard 24.jpg

interactive banner

(place in porn)

As mentioned above, girls compare their vulva/vagina in porn sites, therefore, this will be best placed in porn, on the weird fetish section.


new product:

organic vibrator


As crazy as it is, vibrator companies, like period products, are not required to tell their customers what's in their product. Therefore, following this campaign, a new product - organic dildo can be introduced.