Khalil Reid (who has a friend that loves pineapple pizza, but he doesn't approve so that's ok) from NY emailed me to collaborate with him on one of his projects

We then decided to start a brand new project on the subject we both love and hate at the same time - Tourist.

Google buddies

Insight: Tourists want to feel like locals, and locals want them to behave that way.

Best place you've never been

You can finally see the city through a resident's eyes with Shared Maps. Google Buddies gets you the scoop on more places than any native could in one sitting.

Blaze your own path

Google Buddies includes foot traffic reports so you can separate from the pack. Do your own thing, and create your own adventure.

Buddy System

Looking for help finding the best view in the area? You can locate nearby buddies who've made themselves discoverable for those impromptu meet ups.

On the right track

Not everyone has the same priorities on vacations. Connecting with the right local can unlock a new level of adventure, tailored to you. Traveler Buddies can view Resident Buddies' preferences to find the right match for their unique experience.

When in Rome or wherever else

If you're going to stand out, let's us make that a good thing. Check out locals' guides on how to behave in your new surroundings.