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People who wear Palace don't really skate, palace wants to reconnect its clothing to the real skaters.


The government closed down lots of skateparks, what if Palace allows skaters to skate wherever they want, turning the world into their skating ground? 

Rules don't apply.

We create a Partnership with Berlin artist - Adam Harvey, who designed a pattern that allows people to hide their faces in face-recognition cameras.  So the real skaters can skate without getting caught.

news article about the pattern

Anti-surveillance clothing

The Jacket will be launched on the dark web.


We will get Skaters to disrupt the ordinary places - like museum.


The Fitting Room - we can take away all mirrors, replacing them with an interactive screen.

Palace Campaign
Palace Campaign


Untitled_Artwork 11.png

We see a skateboarder skating in a park, but his face is blocked by the pattern.

Untitled_Artwork 12.png

He then skate in places where skaters are not usually welcome at.

Untitled_Artwork 13.png
Untitled_Artwork 14.png

He went back to the park, taking off his jacket.

Untitled_Artwork 5.jpg

He threw it to one of the kids in the park.

Untitled_Artwork 15.png

His face is then revealed, it is one of the skateboarding legend - Tony Hawk.

palace vid last 2-02.jpg
palace vid last 2-03.jpg